Dar Chocolates, 72% Peru

Dar Chocolates, 72% Peru

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Handcrafted in Denver, Dar Chocolate is the product of husband and wife duo, Gila and Joel Dar. The partnership between Conscious Coffees and Dar Chocolate is only fitting as coffee and cacao share similar terroir’s and our products are organically grown and ethically sourced. We are excited to present Dar’s Dark Coffee, 90% cacao bar, which features CC’s freshly roasted beans.

72% Cacao Bar

Organically grown and ethically sourced

For your whole being

All of the products in our store are either organic or naturally sourced, meant to assist in creating and enhancing your lifestyles to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our premium CBD products offer a natural way to feel better and our hand-blended organic teas and hand-roasted coffees provide options for recharging or relaxing.

Creative works of art that visually and emotionally stimulate wellbeing round out our offerings.