Lab Reports

Our commitment

Anisoptera Mercantile is committed to bringing you only the best CBD producs. See our lab reports, below, for individual lab results.

Medical Disclaimer

The information contained in this guide should not in any way be construed as medical advice because it hasn’t been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Pregnant women and those nursing babies are strongly urged to refrain from using CBD as there is no hard scientific data regarding its potential effects upon these categories of women.

Additionally, it is recommended that you talk to your physician if you would like to use CBD alongside your current medication, or if you have a health condition you want to alleviate using CBD.

CBD products are only for sale to persons who are at least 18 or 21 years of age depending on where you are purchasing the products.

Use this guide for educational purposes only, and defer to the diagnosis or prescription of an experienced medical professional for any medical condition you would like to treat.