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Art is something that makes you breath with a different kind of happiness -Anne Albers


We support Artists and Small Business! Anisoptera Mercantile’s Artist Series will provide online and in shop venues for artists to showcase, exhibit, perform, and sell their work. We will rotate artists every 2 months to ensure a broad scope of offerings and opportunities.  If interested in participating please see our invitation.

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Featured Artists

Elena Sidorova

Artist Biography

Elena Sidorova is a Graphic Designer and Artist based in Lexington. She received a degree at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and has been creating visual content for more than 15 years since. Starting with composing book covers and accompanying materials for a publishing company and later moving into freelance design helping businesses to create cohesive branding experiences by inventing a unified visual language. 

Elena draws inspiration from nature and implements graphic elements from various styles and cultures. Her mission is to evoke positive vibes. Her artworks are created in a variety of mediums such as ink, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. 

Elena is a regular contributor to local art projects and initiatives, working with the local art organizations and participating in exhibitions. Recently she created colorful and joyful compositions for utility boxes in Arlington and Lexington. 

To contact write to Elena at elesida@gmail.com or through the Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ramedious

Anastasia Semash


Anastasia Semash is an artist and art educator residing in
Arlington, Massachusetts. She received her MA degree from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, majoring in Philosophy with additional focus on Aesthetics
and History of Art and Design. In 2015, she completed a 2-year program in Illustration and Graphic Design at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has been a member of the American Society of Botanical Artistssince 2018.

Anastasia has participated in multiple local art events and exhibitions in Lexington, Arlington, Cambridge and beyond.  Her works include paintings, drawings, and 3D art (small sculptures and needle felted objects). Her preferred illustrativemediums are colored pencils, combined with other materials like pastels, watercolor markers, acrylic or watercolor paints.

You can learn more about Anastasia’s art and classes that she teaches at her website: www.artsemash.com

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Featured Artist

Jacqueline Michelle Ganim-DeFalco - Cape Ann Designs

Jacqueline began her wearable art journey in 2003 and displayed her work for the first time at the October 2004 Sea Glass Festival which was hosted byseARTSin Rockport, MA.

Inspired by her husband Michael and their mutual passion for history and antique glass collecting, she set about to combine her business and creative skills and attempt to fill a niche focused on hair jewelry. Jacqueline’s Cape Ann Designs creations expanded quickly to include a full array of hair accessories and jewelry created from her own sea glass collection.

Artist Biography

In 2008, Jacqueline’s work appeared prominently inA Passion for Sea Glass,by author Carole Lambert who launched the sea glass movement. Jacqueline became a member of the Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour in 2013. Former Chair of seARTS, she is the founder of the seARTS Wearable Arts Group (2006) and designed annual holiday shows for 8 years here at the Sawyer Free Library Saunders House. These led to the launch of Celebrate Wearable Art in 2011-2017. Her work can be found throughout the Boston area and east coast. 

Recent events include a solo show “A Line in the Sand” conceived by the artists and hosted at the Jane Deering Gallery, April 2021 and juried show “Exuberance” at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center, Gloucester, MA. 

She participates in select artisan events in support of arts non-profits when she is not creating or marketing for other organizations. In 2018 she received the Discover Gloucester Arts & Cultural Heritage Award. She is co-host & co-producer of Cape Ann ArtWAVES, a weekly artist storytelling program which has receive 11K YouTube views to date and has over 50 artist interviews.

Antique Sea Glass, Gold and Expoy Bottleneck Pendant, Earrings and Barrette

Antique Sea Glass (Rare Color-Cobalt Blue), Silver and Freshwater Pearl Bracelets and Hair Clip

Antique Sea Glass, Gold, and Beaded Earrings and Barrette

Antique Sea Glass Bottleneck Pendant with Silver, Freshwater Pearl, and Beading

Antique Sea Glass Barrettes and Pendants

Antique Sea Glass Hair Forks, & Combs, Bracelets, and Line in the Sand Pendant


Oxford Languages defines Art as "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” 

We at Anisoptera Mercantile agree with this definition and add that Art is an influential component in a person’s wellbeing.  If you are joyful, art can enhance that happiness; if you are sad, it can uplift; if you are in pain, it can soothe.

Our Artists Series will provide opportunities for local and national artists to have a presence on our website as well as exhibit their work and hold conversations and workshops with groups in our retail shop. This program will allow individuals to introduce art in its various forms into their lives and into their wellbeing rituals or enhance their current art appreciation practices. This also includes digital art NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by showcasing them in the shop and online.

We are also excited to offer artists a platform for additional exposure and to support this very critical small business community.