TEALEAVES is Anisoptera Mercantile's vendor of choice for hand-blended teas and botanicals.

Getting your day started with a Golden Organic Turmeric Chai or relaxing when the day is over with cup of calming Chamomile & Lavender are amazing ingredients for physical and emotional wellness. TEALEAVES sources their teas and botanicals from the world’s tier-1 gardens. The most exceptional teas, flowers, and herbs are brought to their blending center and their blenders meticulously cup out each ingredient searching for the ultimate complexity. With only a few tea purveyors left that hold fast to these techniques, TEALEAVES is striving to keep this lost art of blending alive.Their Supercritical CO2 processing method which uses a completely organic and chemical-free decaffeination method supports their commitment to wellness and environmental responsibility.  TEALEAVES also furthers their environmental commitment through their use of plant-based packaging, Biodiversity and Sustainability Initiatives, and their United Nations Biodiversity partnership.

TEALEAVES organic ingredients, sustainable blending practices, and commitment to environmental sustainability blend seamlessly into a wellbeing design.